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If you're not ready, you'll be swept under the tires and crushed like pieces of fragile crystal under the churning tires of a tractor-trailer. Big changes are coming and if you're not ready... well, let's just say you want to be ready!
In 1776, John Livingston said:
"These are uncertain times in which we live." But it's not a different world like your grandparents' knew. It's a world about to undergo radical, rapid, changes the likes of which we have never seen.
This is not my prediction, but an indication of what is taking place in the world, as we know it. Simply stated: The consciousness of the planet is evolving. No more can we sit idly by as violence and greed stifle the creativity of people. And no longer are peoples accepting the unwarranted will of dictatorships. Democracy, Communism, or Socialism et al are now obsolete. Even the concepts of Capitalism are inadequate. But what about this for a mindset: FREEDOM?
Imagine for just a moment, if governments throughout the world encouraged the human species to nurture their creativity and engender themselves to the free expression of love and harmony? Well, imagine it now, because it's happening.
Is this a new paradigm? No, it's a process started some 40, or some 4,000 years ago. But the spirit of invention and the need for _expression have been stymied. Now they are taking voices throughout the world. And if you miss the boat, if you are found standing with no readiness for the changes that are coming, your ability to cope with them once they occur will be greatly limited.
So here's what you need to do: Express the creative, loving, and artistic side of your being whenever and however possible. Wait no longer for an opportunity to create a new opening, make one happen for yourself. Allow no one to step on your dreams and when you're done, when life asks you what more you can offer, answer with the question: "What more do you ask of me?"



POW! The obstacle goes down like a wet noodle. WHAM! The fear disappears like it was never even there. BLAM! Right between the eyes! The only way to get past anything that you can't get around or over is to go straight through it.
Why do you let those measly barriers in your way stop you from being the true champion that you are? Don't you know the power residing within you is awesome? Don't you feel the surge through your body and being when inspiration strikes? That momentary glimpse of "WOW" that suggests the possibilities around you is only the surface of your potential.
The WOW within you is like the glacial cap of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
 Yes, you can see it from afar. Yes, it is awe-inspiring to witness such a sight. But what is it that lies beneath the surface? What is it that makes you want to champion the great mountain peak? It's the WOW! It's the fact that somewhere inside of you, you know that even you can capture that great mountain's spirit.
The WOW is only what sits above the surface. The challenge, the excitement is finding out how deep the roots go and how high it touches the sky. Aren't you the same way? Aren't you wanting for the obstacles that stand in your way to drop to your knees like twigs of kindling in a campfire?
If so, if you burn deep within to be atop the peak looking down, then reach deep within and challenge yourself to put forth the kind of championship dominance that is demonstrated by masters every day!



It's all a matter of perspective and perception. I keep telling you this, but are you listening? Get this...

Last night while on my way home from work, I said to the person in the passenger seat: "Look at this, no traffic."
To wit he replied: "What do you mean no traffic? There are cars everywhere! There are cars ahead of you, behind you, way over there in the far lane. There's lots of traffic."
I looked. Still, I saw no traffic. Wide-open lanes and 70-mile per hour speeds, no congestion, no break lights, no delays, no problem. When I shared this observation with my passenger, again he looked at me strangely, and said: "I don't know what you're talking about. There are cars everywhere. If you don't see traffic, you must be on a different road than I am."
Then it hit me. Like a flashing blue and red light in my rearview mirror, I saw the light. We were on the same highway, in the same vehicle, and traveling the same speed, but having a completely different trip.
It's the same kind of thing as when you take a class, and you get value, while someone else takes the same class and does not. It's the same thing as when you have a conversation and you say one thing but the listener hears something completely different.
People get so bogged down by what's in front of them that they forget to see what's not there.
Change your attitude and you'll change your gratitude. Alter your perception and you'll bend your reality.  Maybe there is lots of traffic, but because of the way you travel through it, it is irrelevant to your perspective? See things from a different seat and you'll change your trip.
What can you change today that will get you to where you are going faster and more effectively? After all, what's the point of going there if the guy driving you there gets to where you are going before you do.



Don't judge an opportunity just because the door is closed.




This weekend, my wife Penny, our friend Joseph and I met for a dinner party at the home of a friend of a friend. Joseph arrived early and sheepishly waited for us to catch up to him. Upon our arrival, he told us:


"Everyone just left. It's over."


I was confused. How could that be when the host had just phoned me mere moments before in my auto to ask when we would be arriving? Something was confusing.


"Everyone has left. I saw four bald men walk out and get into their cars. The dinner is over. I'll see you later. I'm going home."


Yes, the house did indeed appear dark and empty. No light and no sound emanated from it. Yet, I knew these assumptions had to be mistaken.


"Could they have gone somewhere else for dinner, since we're late," inquired Penny?


"No," I offered, knowing full well the party guests were to be found.


I approached the front door with expectations of success and satisfaction. I knew the party had just begun and there must be a reason for why it was so dark.


I gently pressed open the slightly cracked opening in the doorway to the domicile, to be greeted by thirty-four people gathered in silent prayer around a long dining table.


What a surprise! Not for me, but for Penny and Joseph. It's the way that you do anything is the way in which you do everything. And my way is to open doors.


It's all in your perspective, and everything hinges on your attitude. If you expect for a door to be locked, there is a good chance you may never even try to open it. If you believe that everyone has already concluded the party and gone home, then you will likely never attempt to open the door to find them in deep prayer for your arrival?


The secret is this: Just because the door is closed does not mean it is locked. It also means that someone on the other side may be waiting for you to open the door.  It is just closed. Most doors are closed most of the time. That's the nature of doors. They stay closed until someone opens them. You simply have to open the door.


But if you open every door that presents itself to you, and if you accept every opportunity that awaits your participation, then and only then will you find yourself inside rooms not available to those refusing to turn the knobs.


Turned any doorknobs, lately? Been locked out, lately? Have you ever considered that it may be because you haven't opened the doors? Try opening a door for a change and see what happens on the other side?



Hide your beak, change your colors, shed your feathers, even start all over again, and you're still the same dodo bird. (Or in this case an Umbrella Cockatoo.) And if you don't start spreading your wings and taking flight, and I mean right now, you'll be perched on that same swing or ledge in twenty-five or fifty years from now wondering, "Hey, where did everybody go?"
If you want to be free, and if you want to be powerful, you absolutely must fly! You cannot spend your life waiting for the right conditions. The perfect currents will never blow. The right lighting will never be cast. The perfect moment is not on its way.

However, that is not to say one cannot make those conditions so.

When a surfer goes into the ocean, the perfect curl is not there waiting to be ridden. A keen athlete though, knows how to take a wave with potential and ride it long enough for the next better wave to comes along.
When an eagle leaps from the tall branches to take majestic flight over a mountain range, it may not even catch as little as a breeze. But it flaps, and it flaps, and it flaps, incessantly if necessary, until it takes flight, or until it hits the ground with a thud and starts over again.
The point is, you're an eagle, and eagles fly, while dodos sit on the ground and look up at the eagles in flight. Don't spend your life getting doodoo'd on like a dodo. Spread your wings, explore your greatness, and you too will find the currents to climb higher and higher.
Photo by Michael J. Herman
Photo courtesy of Dr. Robert Kassar, http://www.clubranchodelaspalmas.com/.

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